This board is part of a group of posters with information on the most important landmarks in Guardamar del Segura`s Heritage List. It includes archaeological sites, monuments and vestiges of the town’s recent history. Each of these elements is located in different routes. Follow them and you’ll discover our rich historical past.

The QR codes will allow you to immerse yourself, quickly and easily, into this little journey. Scanning your Smartphone or tablet, geolocation of routes is simple (GPS). Additionally, you can alsouseour audio guides and please go to our web site should you need further information.

The project includes 5 different tourist routes, based on Guardamar’s historical past. Each of these routes has a different topic, which you can exploreon foot or cycling. Scan the QR code and connect yourself to the route of your choice.


Archaeological Site
Fonteta – Rábita
Opening Hours:
Tuesday to Saturday: 8:30 – 14:00
Sunday: Closed

Guided tours for groups: